Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

As a quality leader with the best drilling technology, together with our customers we increase the profitability and sustainability of drilling and thus make a significant contribution to the resource-saving extraction of raw materials and the modernisation of infrastructure.

Our Vision:

  1. We are striving for the complete digitalization of our process chain with an electronic connection from our customers' drilling rigs to our suppliers to our production machines. People only intervene in processes where they create real added value, the processing and forwarding of information is consistently transferred to automated IT.
  1. We are constantly improving our efficiency in production and use all modern means of automation with the aim of producing the smallest batch sizes at the cost level of large series and reacting ideally to market requirements and customer wishes with a high degree of flexibility.
  1. We strive for complete coverage of all international markets that are important to us with all products that fall within our core competence. In this way, we are able to cope with market changes and remain independent of upheavals in individual market segments.