Injection Technique

Perforator 2-component injection pumps have been in use under the toughest conditions in mining and tunneling as well as in the construction industry for 40 years.

Our pumps are characterized by their reliability, ease of use, flexibility and ease of repair.


  • Rock or concrete consolidation
  • Stop water ingress
  • Roof support
  • Gravel bonding
  • Cavity filling


  • Injection of polyurethane (viscosity of approx. 350 mPa-s to Max 1.300 mPa-s)
  • Injection of silicate resins (viscosity of approx. 350 mPa-s to Max 1.300 mPa-s)



Pneumatic Piston Pumps:

  • S 35 – mixing ratio 1:1
  • GSF 35 – mixing ratio 1:1
  • DP 40 – mixing ratio 1:1
  • GX 45 – mixing ratio 1:1

Pneumatic Gear Pumps:

  • PGP – mixing ratio 1:1 / 1:2 / 1:3 / 1:4 (please specify when ordering)

Electronic Pumps:

  • EIP 5 – Electronically driven 2-Component Injection Pump with electronic pressure regulation and continuously adjustable mixing ratio 1:1 to 1:4 and integrated flow meter

Cement beets, sludge, etc. - cannot be pressed due to the design (suction and pressure valves) due to the grain size / viscosity.



As the recording of data in injection technology, e.g. quantity, pressure, flow, temperature, etc. is becoming more important for the property developer, we have expanded our injection program to include an electronic flow meter. All relevant data is recorded electronically and stored externally. You are thus able to completely document your injection projects at any time and bill them based on performance.

In addition, the electronic flow meter allows the pressure and quantity of the injection medium to be continuously monitored, which means that you can comply with the technical specifications at all times.


We offer:

  • Flow meter
  • Media tanks
  • Mixing units & accessories
  • Suction hoses & high pressure hoses
  • Steck-O, valves
  • Spare and wear parts