Reverse Circulation (RC) Drill Pipes & Tools

PERFORATOR RC drill pipes and drill string components are available for all rig types, designed for minimizing operation costs and maximize your drilling productivity. Highest quality in materials and manufacturing results in high performance of the products. Our API and ISO approved quality management system assures an entire material traceability. A highly skilled team of specialists is always available for your support.

Outer Tool Joints and Inner Couplings

PERFORATOR outer tool joints and inner couplings are manufactured from high grade material with special heat treatment on thread connections for extended life time and maximum wear protection. The friction welded connection of the tool joints to the drill pipe body ensures perfect mechanical properties and axial alignment.

Drill Pipe Body (Tube)

PERFORATOR drill pipe bodies are seamless and sourced from European premium steel mills. We offer a wide range of grades to optimize your specific application.

Applications of Reverse Circulation Pipes

  • Special drill pipes for exploration and grade control
  • Innovative method for grade control in open pit mining
  • Grade control for definition of ore grades is indispensable for planning and blasting

Characteristics of RC Pipes

  • Use of dual wall drill rods: an outer tube with an hollow inner tube
  • Inner tube enables to transport drill cuttings back to the surface
  • Uncontaminated samples and lower handling times
  • RC pipes allow continuous and homogeneous operation
  • Faster drilling performances at greater depths
  • Most cost and time efficienct method to differentiate between minerals and waste rock