Disc Cutters

Developing and manufacturing project-based disc cutters belong to the core competences of PERFORATOR GmbH.

Our product range includes standard and special sizes from 6‘‘ to 15,5’’ (150mm to 395mm). We also offer special applications according to your project specifications taking geological conditions into account.

Our in-house production guarantees a high standard and consistent quality. The use of complete mechanical seals  (non-split) and large roller bearings combined with high-quality materials and components ensures a long lifetime.

The serial number allows a quick traceability and easy documentation (e.g. of drill meters).

Standard components are held on stock to enable short delivery times.

  • Ø 150 (6“) 3-Ring
  • Ø 180 (7“) 1-Ring, 2-Ring, 3-Ring
  • Ø 200 (8“) Caliber
  • Ø 240 (9,5“) 1-Ring, 2-Ring
  • Ø 250 (10“) 1-Ring, 2-Ring, 3-Ring, Caliber
  • Ø 280 (11“) 1-Ring, 2-Ring, Center
  • Ø 305 (12“) 1-Ring, 2-Ring, Center
  • Ø 320 (12,5“) Caliber
  • Ø 395 (15,5“) 1-Ring, 2-Ring, Center