Disc Cutter

Perforator GmbH are committed to developing and producing disk cutters for specialty applications and projects. Our product range includes standard 7” to 15.5” (180mm to 395mm). Due to our flexibility in manufacturing we can produce other sizes and designs to your exact requirements.

In-house production guarantees a high standard and consistent quality. The serial number allows for traceability and simple documentation e.g. recording of drilled meters is possible. Standard components are held in stock, allowing for short delivery times.


  • In-house manufacturing
  • Use of large rolling bearings
  • Complete mechanical seals (unsplit)
  • Use of high-quality materials and components
  • Made in Germany

Available Diameters:

Ø 180mm ( 7‘‘): 1-ring, 2-ring, 3-ring
Ø 240mm (9,5“): 1-ring
Ø 250mm (10‘‘): 1-ring, 2-ring, 3-ring, centre
Ø 280mm (11‘‘): 1-ring, 2-ring
Ø 305mm (12‘‘): 1-ring, 2-ring
Ø 395mm (15,5‘‘): 1-ring, 2-ring, centre