PERFORATOR offers you a wide range of high quality and innovative products as well as the best technical solution for your new project: THRUST BORING TECHNOLOGY, INJECTION TECHNIQUE, DRILL PIPES & DRILLING TOOLS for DTH, ROTARY, RC, HDD DRILLING and Oil & GAS

New Name

One becomes two: mts Perforator is now renamed as PERFORATOR GmbH with effect of 15th April 2020. The branches Walkenried (Perforator) and Valluhn (mts) will act as independent entities from now on.

The Micro Tunneling business continue unter the new name mts Microtunneling Systems GmbH while PERFORATOR GmbH focusses its core competences Thrust Boring technology, Drill Pipes and accessories and Injection Technique. Both companies remain part of the Schmidt Kranz Group.

PERFORATOR offers quality products comprising: 

  • Performance Pipes: pipes and tools for DTH, rotary, reverse circulation drilling and more
  • Performance Drilling: thrust boring machines and tools
  • Performance Pumps: injection systems
  • Performance Cutters: cutters for tunnel boring equipment

High performance and customer satisfaction levels are our main drive and as PERFORATOR GmbH, we are determined to improve them even further. We are committed to providing excellent service levels to all our customers in the long-term future.

Feel free to contact us on any questions.

Friction welding a 7 5/8" x 1" Drill Pipe with orientated flats